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Allstate Gasket – stock and custom gaskets, buy gasket material online including neoprene, red rubber, compressed sheet and more for OEM and MRO applications. Boiler gaskets, tapes, packings and boiler kits. Flange gaskets, spiral wound and ANSI gaskets in stock. Die cutting, vulcanizing, stripping, slitting, gasket gutting machines. Visit our site for fast price quotes and complete material specifications http://www.allstategasket.com
Astra Products - an ISO certified supplier of coated and uncoated, optical quality acrylic and polycarbonate plastic sheet. These specialized plastics enhance viewability and protect flat panel displays. Coatings include non-glare sheet, anti-reflection, ITO Coat Filters and others. Custom colors are also available. Mechanical non-glare textures available with and without hardcoat. http://www.astraproduct.com
CMS Heat Transfer – In-house process design, custom design, mechanical design, code conformation, design of all TEMA configurations, process design and engineering support of fixed tubesheet heat exchangers and u-tube heat exchangers. - CMS will correlate design, manufacturing and delivery to your construction schedule. http://www.cmsheattransfer.com
DTB Info Pro - the technical authoring division of Dayton T. Brown, providing every phase of documentation for military and industrial applications. Flight manuals, parts diagrams, interactive training manuals (IETM), training books, onboard diagnostic interface, converted to any medium or newly authored. S1000D compliance and more. http://www.dtbinfopro.com
EBY Electro – A prime supplier of terminal blocks, pluggable mini blocks, cage clamp blocks, wire guard terminal blocks, barrier blocks, europa blocks and screwless wiring blocks since 1945. Standard and custom electronic interconnecting, power supplies and adapters and wiring assemblies. http://www.ebyelectro.com 
Gasket-Tools – Stocking distributor of a wide range of specialty gasket making tools including M3 Gasket Making Machine, Allpax Gasket Cutters, Zimmerman Gasket Cutters, packing tools, gasket punches, dead blow hammer, tapes, sealants and packings. http://www.gasket-tools.com
Lambda Square, Inc. - We specialize in the manufacture of differential pressure flow measurement equipment including  orifice plate and orifice flanges, Venturi tubes, meter tubes, orifice holding blocks, orifice restriction unions, sanitary plates, single and dual chamber fittings, ASME flow nozzles, manifolds, straightening vanes, elbow flow meters, seal pots and other liquid, gas and steam control products. http://www.lambdasquare.com
Pro-Tech-USA - provides a wide range of manufacturing services to industries around the world including metal forgings, die cast production, liquid die forging, welding, heat processing and a complete array of machining services. http://www.pro-tech-usa.com
Rubber-Cuts - specialists in custom-cut rubber (and other non-metallic sheet goods) to create neoprene text stencils for spray-paint stencil signs for homeowners, factories and municipalities. Multi-use stencils are typically neoprene and can be used for spray painting or sandblasting. Stencils can be ordered from our stock stencils. http://www.rubber-cuts.com
Techplast Coated Products - Techplast Coated Products specializes in high-quality coated acrylic and polycarbonate sheets for indoor and outdoor use. Coatings include scratch-resistant acrylic, anti-reflection, non-glare and others. Techplast also provides custom parts fabrication laser cutting and CNC routing of plastic cut parts. http://www.techplastcoated.com